About Us

About Us

About Us

Coastal Salt & Soul helps you to slow down and let happiness catch up

Our Brand

For those fortunate enough to live seaside and for those who dream of doing so.

The sun-drenched, laid-back California lifestyle is our muse, and healing ocean ingredients our science. We believe the sound of the ocean greatly soothes our mind, and the touch of its ingredients transforms our skin. We live for white washed furniture, long beach days, weathered wooden floors, cold iced tea, sweet ocean air, and a cozy cottage by the sea.

Our Purpose

Simple little luxuries to help you slow down and let happiness catch-up.

We want to inspire women to better manage stress and we make the products that provide solutions to do just that.

Alisa Marie, Founder

Our Science

Sea-to-skin solutions for healthy skin

Intense hydration and significant skin nourishment starts with healing ocean waters. Our sea-oil extract is infused with a blend of hand-harvested seaweed, seaberry, blue green algae and sea kelp, all combined with sun-warmed herbs, coastal botanicals, and raw shea and coconut butters for the ultimate skin luxury.

Our Formulations

Breakthrough formulations that power our best-selling luxury products using the latest technology and ingredients

Alisa Marie and her team of veteran cosmetic chemists have created formulas for thousands of products that are sold in virtually every segment of the global cosmetics market. Now they focus that combined expertise to make ground-breaking, luxury formulas for Coastal Salt & Soul.

The Wave of Passion That staRted it all