Mad For My Mannequins

December 22, 2014
Categories: Beauty, Culture, Health, Style

I have a confession. I bring my two mannequins almost everywhere.

They were purchased as swimsuit models for one of my first companies, AXM Swimwear. Once I sold AXM Swimwear, I found I couldn’t part with them. Get rid of my mannequins? It was unthinkable. They’d seen too much. With AXM they had once served, basically, as hangars to fit swimsuits. When I started The Beauty Company I painted them in swirls of color and patterns, and added lots of my favorite quotes.

As odd as it sounds, I think the mannequins liked this phase. They stayed this way for a long time, at least 10 years, collecting many office compliments. Now, these mannequins are again central to my latest endeavor – Coastal Salt & Soul. How central, you ask? Well, I painted them a gorgeous sea washed white…I featured them in brand photography…I even sent them to Las Vegas for a trade show! Don’t judge. They were necessary. Sometimes, I wonder what these mannequins would say, if they could talk.

I never thought that these two relatively unassuming tools would play such a central role in my life, but they have. They have been along for the whole ride and in their own way, kept my secrets, wishes, hopes and dreams alive in whatever role they’ve served. But don’t worry. I don’t talk to them. Well, at least not too much. True Confession.

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