Fragrance Freak

December 22, 2014
Categories: Beauty, Culture, Health, Style

I have a confession. I have about 47 bottles of perfume.

I have about 47 bottles and I change my perfume, on average, two to three times – a day. I spritz and spray a lot. Ask my kids or employees. I drive them all nuts. Fragrances are like friends. Some are bright and bubbly, some are dark and deep, while others are dreamy and mellow. And here’s the thing – from time to time, I want to be all of these things, too! Really, I think I just love every thing about fragrance. On a trip to FAO Schwarz I tried to convince my young daughter that she really wanted this Perfume Laboratory Kit so she could extract scents and use them to make her own perfumes. She said no, but hey, Santa got it for her anyway.

One of the greatest surprises I’ve ever had was my hubby giving me a fragrance course in Grasse, France, the town is considered the world’s capital of perfume. And I am sure the wine they served made me a better student! I love how a fragrance makes me feel and smell; the memories it evokes and the feelings it inspires; the emotions it releases and the impressions it leaves behind…I love it all. On any given day, I can’t be every person I want to be, but with my fragrances, I just feel flat out better. True Confession.

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