Buzzing & Barking

December 19, 2014
Categories: Beauty, Culture, Health, Style

I have a confession. In a crisis I tend to overreact, wig-out and not think clearly.

especially if it involves blood, screaming kids or alarms. I tend to overreact, wig-out and not think clearly. Yes, this is so helpful as a mother…not! Last night at 2:30 AM I looked like a crazy woman running around my house in my 10 year old bathrobe and old lady slippers trying to figure out which alarm was going off while simultaneously screaming at my two dogs and three kids to be quiet and go back to bed. It was just so pretty. Why is it on the night my husband is gone on travel every alarm in the house goes off in the middle of the night? Where is the buzzing coming from? Which alarm, which floor? Everyone was screaming and no one was having fun.

My shining moment was when I said, okay yelled, “I’m going to lose it if everyone does not shut up so I can figure out which alarm is buzzing!” At which point my 16 year old replied, “Mom, you’ve already lost it.” He has no idea. My 8 year old says, “Mommy you said we aren’t suppose to say shut-up to each other.” I love getting caught in that one. An hour later we are all finally in bed, every alarm and battery disarmed; one kid in another room, two kids and one dog now in bed with me and I think… is it bad to get the kids to school a few hours late so I can sleep in? Probably. True Confession.

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