Burn, Baby, Burn

December 22, 2014
Categories: Beauty, Culture, Health, Style

I have a confession. I am oddly addicted to candles.

I’m not above having 5 candles burning in my house at once. I light candles on hot days or snow days, when I’m working or writing, while washing laundry or taking a bath. I’m a bit crazy for candles, especially scented ones. For me the fragrance of a candle is the most important factor. Candles just seem to represent the ultimate little luxury to me; they help with my stressful life and quest for relief. Nowadays, we all take candles for granted but 150 years ago, candles were a necessity and probably not very pretty necessities, at that. If you watched the series called The Borgias, you so know what I mean.

Luckily for us, we can use candles because they smell amazing and make every room feel comfortable and cozy. Why else is it that the most romantic dinner a girl could yearn for is a candlelight dinner, and nearly every heroine in every romantic novel ever ‘glowed’ her brightest when illuminated by candlelight? Even Bridget Jones had her moment with Mark Darcy over candlelight. Now granted, it was a truly wretched meal, but candles were there, and I think that’s important – candles just make everything better. Honestly, I like the world better when it’s lit by candlelight. A girl has got to have her candles. True Confession.

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